Hello World! Om Designs Loves India!

March 22nd, 2012 in category Fashion

My love of travelling has led me to many amazing places, including a night spent sleeping on top of a pyramid in Giza, but once I found India my life was changed forever and I never wanted to leave! There was so much for me to learn and so much for me to see. India was my University. I would get a 6 months visa for India and when it expired, I would go to Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or Australia to get a new 6 month visa and then return to India as quickly as possible!

India is a complete assault on your senses. I just love the street life, the colours, the smells, the vibrancy, the fashion, the fabrics and most of all I love the people.

I have always wanted to start my own business and I wanted that business to some how involve India. So I combined my love of India, my love of fashion, design and fabrics and OM DESIGNS was born. I am so lucky that I can spend my time doing something that I love. Om Designs is a dream lifestyle for me. It allows me to visit India and all my beautiful friends each year and it also allows me to explore my creative side and to immerse myself in the beautiful fabrics and prints of India: )