How Yoga Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Mind, Body and Spirit

April 24th, 2012 in category India
by Sanjit Das

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” stands for union, similar to the union of the human mind and body. The various techniques of yoga were traditionally practiced by Hindus to focus on improving their mind, body and spirit. The various methods and practices of yoga gained popularity among the western people only during the last fifty years. But the yogic practices have evolved in ancient India over a period of more than two thousand years.

When you decide to practice yoga to keep your body fit and active, there are options to choose from different styles and schools of yoga. Some of these techniques concentrate on human minds, whereas others include rigorous aerobic workouts. However, all styles of yoga can be practiced by individuals irrespective of their physical abilities and age group. If you are new to the yoga styles and techniques, it becomes essential to understand the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.
Physical Benefits of Yoga
There are many people who associate yoga with various types of poses and postures commonly known as asana. The asana can strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles, if you practice these postures on a regular basis. Some of these asana are further effective in curing stiff joints, back pains and other ailments. But an individual must learn the asana from an experienced yoga guru, and also practice the asana in a proper and exact manner.
Some of the yogic poses can also be extremely demanding. You may find it difficult to practice these asana during the initial stages. But the regular practicing of these poses and postures can add a higher level of flexibility to your body muscles. The asana are also very much popular due to their effectiveness in shaping lean and long muscles. You can always consider learning and practicing yoga on a daily basis to promote better health and fitness.
Mental Benefits of Yoga
In addition to the physical benefits, the yoga asana are also very much popular as a medium to calm the minds of both adults and children. When the children practice yoga on a regular basis, they can manage their anger and stress with more confidence. At the same time, the asana can also be practiced by adults to bring a specific level of calmness to their minds.
The calmness of mind can further result in promoting a much higher level of memory power and concentration. A yoga enthusiast can choose from various techniques of meditation to get certain levels of calmness to her mind. You can even practice these asana regularly to forget about your past troubles and overcome the daily anxieties and stress.